•      The homeless children of Jessie's Place enjoyed a special celebration just for them...

    Kids crowd the dining hall at Jessie's Place for a fun-filled party

         The kids of Jessie's Place, our shelter for women and children, truly need to know that they are loved.  They have been through so much - more than a child (or anyone for that matter) should ever have to experience.

         That's why volunteers and staff helped to create a special Valentine's Day party just for the kids.  Themed "Jesus, the Greatest Love of All," the kids of Jessie's Place learned about Christ's love and also just enjoyed being kids.  There was music, games and food geared toward helping these less-fortunate children have a wonderful time.

    Video clip from CBS 42

         If you have a heart from homeless children, you can still help show them that they are loved.  You can help by volunteering your time at Jessie's Place, or making a donation.  Just $20 provides shelter and love.


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