• Feb 1

         How you can help share love with the homeless children of Jessie's Place this Valentine's Day...

         Valentine's Day encourages us to focus our attention on our loved ones and provides us with an opportunity to communicate our love and how much they mean to us.

         The kids of Jessie's Place need to know that they are loved too.  They have been through so much - more than a child (or anyone for that matter) should ever have to experience.

    Click link below for full-size card to print out

         Join us in making them feel loved - no candy or flowers necessary.  Click here to for your Valentine's Day card.  Sign the card and return it to us at PO Box 10472, Birmingham, AL, 35202.  The boys and girls of Jessie's Place will be so excited to see how many people care enough about them to send them a card.

         This small gesture will make a big difference in the hearts of homeless and hurting children.

         You can also help by making a donation - you can help provide shelter or meals for a homeless child.  Click here to give your gift today.


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