•      A group of volunteers turn their love of knitting into a way to help others...

    Wendy Garner of NBC 13's Daytime Alabama talks with Mary Anne
    Hollingshead about their knitting group that helps others

         Mary Anne Hollingshead has knitted warm clothing items for the Jimmie Hale Mission and Jessie's Place for a while now.  As she's worked to help others less-fortunate, her ministry has grown tremendously to include others who have turned their love of knitting into a way to benefit the needy.

    Ladies at Meadow Brook Baptist stitch together an afghan for the
    women and children of Jessie's Place

         Daytime Alabama visited Mary Anne at her church, Meadow Brook Baptist, where the knitting group now works; the group of volunteers had grown too large for Mary Anne's house. 

    Footage from Daytime Alabama of Wendy's interview with Mary Anne


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