•      Get a head start on the holidays by learning how to help now...

         The holiday season will be here soon, and with it comes the generosity many feel during this time.  During the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, many feel called to volunteer or donate, but they might not know how.

    Students from Miles College see inside our food pantry

         That's why the Jimmie Hale Mission offers tours of its facilities.  Those interested can sign up for our tour this Thursday, Oct. 27 at 11 a.m. and learn how they can help those less-fortunate during the hoildays.

         The tour will take place at our Men's campus at 3420 2nd Avenue N., in downtown Birmingham.  As mentioned, the tour will begin at 11 a.m. and last about an hour.

    Tour guests pose questions to our Learning Center
    Director, Edward Peterson

         Attendees will get a behind-the-scenes look and see our dormitory, dining hall and other important parts of the Mission's campus. 

         Tours are free and open to the public.  Registration is appreciated for an accurate head-count.  Those interested can register online or by email.


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