• Sep 1

         Does Labor Day mean the same when you don't have a job?

         Labor Day is a holiday most people look forward to, because it is a day off of work.  But what if you don't have a job?  Does Labor Day have the same meaning?

    At our Stewart Learning Center at Jessie's Place, ladies learn important job skills

         When every day is a day off of work, special holidays can become reminders of your lack of employment.  Many of those at our facilities are willing and eager to work, but lack the appropriate skills to finding gainful employment.

         That's why we have our Stewart Learning Centers.  Our Stewart Learning Centers offer a litany of skills training, including education remediation and career readiness.  Clients who come to the Jimmie Hale Mission's Shepura Men's Center, Jessie's Place for women and children, or our Royal Pines Recovery Center, have access to a Stewart Learning Center at their shelter.

    Studying at the Stewart Learning Center at our Shepura Men's Center

         Stewart Learning Centers focus on addressing whatever skills a client lacks, so that they can get back to work and back to life.  Our clients want to be self-sufficient and your support helps them do just that!

         So help someone enjoy their Labor Day, by helping them get back to work and back to life. Volunteer, donate or 

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