• Aug 10

         At the Jimmie Hale Mission, we always look forward to celebrating Christmas in August.  We are excited about bringing the kindness, generosity and joy that characterize the last month of the year to every month.  During Christmas, people seem more willing to share, and that's why we celebrate Christmas in August.

         Over 200,000 meals will be served this year to the homless and hungry men, women and children who - for a little while - need to call the Jimmie Hale Mission "home."  Regardless of the month, people need our help!

         People like Latasha.  When Latasha and her children came to Jessie's Place, our shelter for women and children, they had nowhere else to go. 

         "When I first came here, I was thinking that because it was a shelter, they wouldn't celebrate the holidays," Latasha recalled.  "But when Christmas came, it felt like we were enjoying Christmas dinner with our family, and my kids had more than enough to eat."

         Latasha also enjoyed watching her kids open their Christmas presents.  Latasha said, "It was so fun to see them opening all those presents - they had never seen that many gifts!"

    Homeless children will open "Christmas" pressents at Jessie's Place this month.

         At the Jimmie Hale Mission ministries, Latasha and her children were fed, sheltered and clothed.  Once their basic needs were met, they could focus on realizing other goals.  Latasha and her kids now have a home of their own, she is working a good job and has plans to go to school to become a nurse - and that all started with just a meal.

         We hope you will join with us as we celebrate Christmas in August and help others like Latasha. Just $1.95 provides a hot meal to a homeless man, woman or child.  $19.50 provides 10 meals, or 20 meals for $39.  Help us revive the spirit of caring and sharing!

     "Christmas at Jessie's Place felt like we were enjoying Christmas with family."
    - Latasha B., Jessie's Place alumnus


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