•      There was fun for all ages at the Jessie's Place "Family Reunion"...

    Ladies that helped make this event possible:
    Lisa Richburg, Sarah Swihart, Margie Eubanks, Malissa Smitha
    (JP Director) and Bridget Carter (Mission board member).

         Jessie's Place, the women and children's shelter of the Jimmie Hale Mission, is proud to have a strong alumni program.  Clients that successfully graduated from Jessie's Place and moved onto their own jobs and houses, often come back for friends, emotional support, continued Bible study and to mentor to others currently in the program.

    Volunteer Shawn Grubb's daughter,
    Erin, on the playground with one
    of the Jessie's Place kids

         On Saturday, Jessie's Place held a "Family Reunion" Spring Festival as a chance to get alumni, current clients, volunteers, staff and friends together to enjoy some food, fun and fellowship.

         Mission board members and other volunteers helped serve a picnic-style lunch to everyone that included hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, chips and much more.  The kids swarmed the sno-cone machine that was available - there were lots of blue and purple smiles that day!

    There were lots of blue and purple smiles
    around the sno-cone machine

         The adults had a chance to meet new and old friends, relax and fellowship together.  The kids played on the Jessie's Place playground and really enjoyed the bouncy house that was provided for them.

    The kids enjoyed the bouncy house!

         Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers and supporters who helped make this event possible.  This event definitely brought smiles to the faces who needed it most!

         Thanks to other volunteers who were not pictured above, but were vital to this event: Perryn Carroll (Mission board member), Pat & Tynette Lynch, Ann Pennington (former board member), Lynnette Davis, Shawn Grubb, Denise Gaskin, Kris Dekker, Gary Eubanks, and Christalan Douglas.


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