•      “When I first came to Jessie’s Place,” Kimeshia said, “I was afraid, unsure and ashamed.”

    Kimeshia and Makayla
    happy at Jessie's Place

         Like many who never thought they would find themselves living in a homeless shelter, Kimehsia said “I questioned myself — ‘How could you allow yourself to be in this situation?’ How could I have allowed my daughter to see me in this situation? How could I have failed myself?”

         Before coming to Jessie’s Place, Kimeshia had been working full-time but had unfortunately, like so many others, had lost her job. However, within a few weeks of her stay, “I was blessed with a full-time position with health benefits” — a must for a mom with a young child.

         To see how Kimeshia's story ends, click here to read.


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