• Mar 1

         When Levi first came to Royal Pines, he'd had "nowhere to turn." "Coming to Royal Pines felt like the first day of my new life. Everyone greeted me and told me how glad they were to have me there," Levi said.

    Levi ministered to people in Kenya
    and shared with them the Word of God

         Soon after his arrival, Levi rededicated his life to Christ and worked to restore relationships with his family, friends and even his former boss. He was successful in staying away from his former life, but Levi still wanted to do more.

         During a Bibly study session with other Mission alumni, Levi heard someone share their idea of a mission trip to Kenya to share their faith with others. So Levi and a team of eight other people worked to make this dream a reality.

         Click here to read the rest of Levi's testimony and find out what happened on his mission trip.

    "A year ago, I was broken... but now the Lord has blessed me in ways I would never have imagined."
    - Levi, Royal Pines Alumnus

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