•      The Jimmie Hale Mission hosts a special guest during Chapel...

         At a recent chapel sermon, the Jimmie Hale Mission was honored to welcome radio host Rick Burgess as a special guest speaker.

    Rick Burgess speaks in
    the Mission's chapel

         Rick Burgess, co-host of the Rick & Bubba Radio Show, came to speak to the homeless and hurting men of the Mission and shared the story of his walk of faith with them.

         Though Burgess is known as a charismatic speaker, most of the power from his speech came from the truth that rang in his words.  He was brave enough to share his testimony of when his youngest son passed and how that affected his relationship with God. 

    Rick Burgess talks about why he comes to speak at the Mission

         Burgess also shared the story from the Bible about Josiah and how even though he had only known wickedness in his past (from his family) he did not follow in their path and instead came to know God and was a faithful follower, even though he had not been raised as such.

         By the end of the sermon, five men stood and declared that they wanted to have a relationship with Jesus.  Rick Burgess and Tony Cooper, the Mission's executive director, stayed late to speak with the men that had committed their lives to Jesus, and help them in their walk.

         We are so appreciative of the time that Rick gave to the Mission and for the lives that he touched with his message.

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