•      Mission considers move to Mazer...

    One of the Mission's three thrift stores
    already in operation

         Several weeks ago, the Vestavia Hills City Council’s decision to deny the Jimmie Hale Mission’s request to open a thrift store there has made major headlines.  Since then, the Mission has received several invitations from other cities and has decided to begin the process of opening a store in Homewood.

    News coverage of the move from NBC 13

                The Jimmie Hale Mission is considering occupying the former Mazer flooring building, part of the Mazer complex located at 816 Green Springs Highway.  Though the process is far from being finalized, the Mission has signed a letter of intent and is working toward confirming a lease agreement.

                “I am honored and excited to welcome the Jimmie Hale Mission Possible Thrift Store to Mazer in Homewood.  [Their] stores support noble work throughout our community, and we look forward to being of service to them,” said Mazer President, Michael Mazer.  He also noted that they will be relocating their flooring, rugs and lighting merchandise to other stores within the property.

                The Mission was invited to open one of their Mission Possible Bargain Centers in Homewood after being turned down by Vestavia Hills.  Homewood’s Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Scott McBrayer invited the Mission to open a store in their city.

                Once the process is finalized, the Jimmie Hale Mission will hold a press conference to announce the completion.  The Mission has three other thrift stores in operation, located in Eastwood, Pinson and Hanceville.

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