•      Preparing for Valentine's Day by celebrating God's Love...

         The Jimmie Hale Mission ministries, including Jessie's Place our shelter for women and children, is looking forward to celebrating God's love this Valentine's Day.

    Valentine's Day Cards
    for the kids at Jessie's Place

         We all know the song "Jesus loves the little children," and taking a lesson from this song, we like to celebrate God's love by throwing a Valentine's Day party for the homeless children of Jessie's Place.

         This year's celebration will include several fun activities for the kids, including a magician with the ever-popular "Scooter the Rabbit," and Valentine-themed food, games and art projects.  The staff at Jessie's Place has also done a great job decorating the facility to make it as fun as possible for the kids.

    Jessie's Place is already decorated
    for Valentine's Day

         "We are so excited about Valentine's Day at Jessie's Place," said Dr. Malissa Smitha, director of Jessie's Place.  "It is a very fun event."

         If you would like to the kids celebrate God's love, then we encourage to send in a Valentine's Day card to the boys and girls of Jessie's Place.  They will be so excited to see how many people care about them.  This small gesture will make a big diifference in the hearts of hurting and homeless children. Click here to get your Valentine card to send it to the children of Jessie's Place at 2305 5th Ave N., Birmingham, AL 35203.

         If you would like to help shelter or feed the homeless children of Jessie's Place, Click here to learn more about making a donation.


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