•      The Jimmie Hale Mission announces decision not to pursue thrift store in Vestavia Hills...

          In recent weeks, the Vestavia Hills City Council’s decision to deny the Jimmie Hale Mission’s request to open a thrift store there has made major headlines.  However, several have raised the question of whether or not the Mission would pursue this matter legally.

    Empty Food World in Vestavia Hills
    that was considered for thrift store

                 Though the Council’s own legal representative, present at last month’s meeting, stated that legally there was no basis for this decision and that the Mission could fight this in court, the Jimmie Hale Mission’s board of directors has chosen to not pursue any legal action and will not be opening a thrift store in Vestavia Hills.

                 The Jimmie Hale Mission currently operates three fundraising thrift stores located in Hanceville, Pinson and Eastwood. For the calendar year 2010, the Pinson location generated over $1 million in funds for the ministry and averaged nearly 250 customers a day, with the other two stores not far behind.




                 Though the Mission’s board has decided not to pursue the Vestavia Hills thrift store, they are looking at other locations for a fourth store.  Tony Cooper, the Mission’s Executive Director, is looking at Homewood as a possibility, having been invited by Homewood Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Scott McBrayer

                 “Our intent was to never be divisive.  We have good relationships with all of our community partners, and we just look forward to continuing this tradition with all of our neighbors,” said Tony Cooper.  “The Jimmie Hale Mission is extremely grateful to all the support and encouragement we have received during this time from all the Birmingham area including Vestavia Hills.”

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