•      Local credit union commits random acts of kindness...

    Legacy Credit Union staffers:
    Gina Cannady, Kevin McLendon,
    John King & Michele Willis

         Legacy Credit Union, a credit union with branches in the Birmingham area, recently stopped by the Jimmie Hale Mission to commit a random act of kindness.

         Legacy Credit Union staffers, Gina Cannady, Kevin McLendon, John King and Michele Willis, came by the Jimmie Hale Mission and presented a check to help the homless and hurting men, women and children that stay at our facilities.

          As part of their "Do Something Good Today" campaign, Legacy Credit Union donated over $100 to the mission for the homeless and hurting.  Their donation will help feed approximately 55 hungry people.

         Thank you to Legacy for their part in helping Birmingham's less-fortunate!  If you would like to help, click here to learn how!


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