•      Homeless has been in the national spotlight lately, but Birmingham has it's own success stories...

         Homelessness has been a spotilght in the national news this week, covering the man 'with the golden voice' and his sudden success.  However, we at the Jimmie Hale Mission know that just because you're down-and-out doesn't mean you can't be up-and-coming.  We see that same kind of continual hope everyday.

         National news coverage of the homeless man whose voice went viral on YouTube highlights what we see everyday at the Jimmie Hale Mission in our own area.  Success stories of folks who where down on their luck, but are now up-and-coming.

    Matthew, shown studying in the Learning Center,
    is one of our local success stories

         Stories like Matthew and Larry.  Matthew had nowhere else to go when he came to the Mission.  Now is he enrolled at Jefferson State Community College and hopes to study nursing.  He wants to help others as he has been helped.  Larry came to the Mission worried about his future.  After successfully completing our recovery program and learning center, he is hopeful about his future and will begin attending culinary school in just a few days.

         According to the Jimmie Hale Mission's Executive Director Tony Cooper, "Most of the people coming to us for help have already graduated from the 'School of Hard Knocks' and now are enrolled in what we like to call 'Back to Life University.'"

         Both men were in similar situations as the homeless man with the golden voice who has received national attention for his golden voice.  But these Birmingham men show that even without national media attention, just because you're down-and-out, doesn't mean you're without hope.

    Thanks to the support of caring donors, the Jimmie Hale Mission has been blessed to help over
    400 people secure employment over the last three years.

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