•      How do you answer the question, "What are you living for?"  It is a question that deserves and demands an answer.  How you answer it will reveal a great deal about yourself.

         Are you running from the past, living for the present, or are you focused on the future?  Some people are satisfied just to make it through the day, while others are scraping and saving every penny for retirement. 

         Social status and community recognition are what motivate some.  For others it is money, materialism, and worldly possessions that consume their time and energy.

         Success in a vocational field drives some people, while other folks desire political or corporate power.  There are individuals that strive for pleasure, while others are searching for happiness and contentment.  There are workaholics, shopaholics and alcoholics.

         There are people who eat to live and those who live to eat.  Some want to provide for their families, and some want to please only themselves.

         How do you fill in the blank, "For me to live is _____?"  In Phillipians 1:21, the Apostle Paul said, "For me to live is CHRIST!"  He didn't get distracted with inconvenient circumstances or sidetracked with undesirable situations.  His attitude was that it made no difference what happened to him just as long as Christ was honored and the Gospel was shared.

         What are you living for?  Let me encourage you to live for Christ.

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    by Tony Cooper, Executive Director 
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