•      Discovering God’s will is a topic that comes up often in church discussions. In James 4:13-17, importance is given to knowing and doing God’s will. Also, in Jeremiah 29:11-13 more emphasis is given to the values of knowing God’s plans for us. Below are four principles to help you discern God’s will:

    1. Don’t Ignore God’s Will.  Life is so brief, uncertain and complex, and mankind is so frail. Without God, where do we go for direction, strength, help and answers? You sure won’t discover God’s will by ignoring God’s will.

    2. Don’t Disobey God’s Will.  Disobedience leads to rebellion and sin. To disobey God interrupts fellowship and invites Godly discipline. Disobedience places you “outside” the will of God.

    3. Discover God’s Will. Read and study the Bible, be sensitive and submissive to the Holy Spirit, and seek wise counsel. God also uses situations, events and circumstances to direct us (divine providence) and He has given us common sense. As you combine these elements together, God’s plan and leading will become clearer.

    4. Obey God’s Will.  Begin by having the right attitude - TRUST in God. Then cultivate the desire to understand God’s will. Next “prove” (test) God’s will by being sensitive to God’s direction and by taking one step at a time and doing what you know to be right. You complete this principle by obeying God from the heart.

    These four principles will go a long way in helping you to discern and experience God’s will which leads to a peace that passes all understanding.

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    by Tony Cooper, Executive Director 
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