• Jun 14

         The Jimmie Hale Mission’s Men’s Center often holds 4’ o clock chapel meetings for the men that are taking part in our program.  This is a time for Bible study, fellowship and receiving the word of God.

         During one of our recent Men’s Center chapel sessions, the Southwest Baptist University music group Higher Ground performed for the men of the Jimmie Hale Mission.  The group played several Christian songs – new songs written by the group and favorite hymns as well.

                        Higher Ground performs for the men at               SBU Student plays guitar for the band       
                                 the Jimmie Hale Mission

         Higher Ground is SBU’s contemporary Christian worship ensemble and is led by Dr. Martha Hicks.  Higher Ground often tours, leading worship throughout the year.  The Jimmie Hale Mission is quite blessed to have been visited by such a talented group of singers and musicians.

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    by Mission Staff 
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