•      The spirit of competition is alive and well at the Jimmie Hale Mission. Two of our facilities, Royal Pines Center and
    Shepura Men’s Center, have created softball teams that will compete against each other and other teams in the
    community throughout the summer season.  The teams were created for the clients of our facilities.  

                          The Royal Pines and the Shepura Men's Center                 Men's Center clients Kelly B. bats while
                              teams gather for a prayer before playing                        Randy M. watches the play in action

         Both teams already have several practices under their belt and recently played their first game against each other. The game was held at the Hanceville Community Park and the final score was 20 to 11 with Royal Pines winning.

         The two teams will play two more games against each other in July and September, and both facilities are in talks with other community and church groups for other teams to play against as well.

         The chance to play not only does wonders for the physical-well being of the men, but also gives them the opportunity to learn life lesson in a group setting and connect with their team-members.  The chance to play also gives the men time to have fun, which is something that is necessary to lead a happy and productive life.

    Good luck to all of our players!  

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    by Mission Staff 
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