When my children were born, I gave them all names from the Bible. I watched them grow and learn, and I realized how smart they were. I wanted to be the best father I could be for them. But I shut God out of my life, and even though He was always with me, I was not with Him, and that hurt the relationship I had with my children.

    Joe and his son Jonathan have a relationship again

         Their mother and I separated, and I was not around as much as I needed to be. I became depressed after the separation and felt helpless and lonely. I didn’t even know my sons’ address to send them the letters I wrote to them. I became lost in this world.

         I began using drugs and alcohol, thinking I had everything under control — after all, I had a good job, money and friends. But my addictions overcame me, and I was overwhelmed. I lost my job, had no money, no friends and nowhere to live. If I’d had a dog, I think he would’ve bitten me.

         I knew I needed help. In my deeply depressed state, I cried out to Jesus and begged him to help me. I was ready to change my life. Now, the evidence of the power of prayer lives in me today.

         He heard my cries and was there with me the day I walked into the Jimmie Hale Mission. Of my successes since coming to the Mission, finding the Lord was my greatest.

         I now know why I wake up every morning. Since being here, I’ve learned that I have something to offer. I was made Head Mentor in the program here at the Mission, and I enjoyed helping others. I have also recently found a full-time job. All of this, thanks to the strength of God.


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    by Mission Staff 
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