• Jun 1

         For many of the homeless in our community, just taking care of the basic necessities can be difficult.  While providing food and shelter is a top priority to those who have none, other needs need to be met for a decent quality of life.  Needs that some of us take for granted, like dental care.

    Jennifer Davies checks the teeth of several of the men
    at the Jimmie Hale Mission.

         One of our volunteers, Jennifer Davies, came up with a great way to help the homeless.  Ms. Davies is currently is currently in school to be come a dental hygienist and also works at North Jefferson Pediatric Dentistry.  So her idea was to donate her services and help the homeless have something to smile about.

         Jennifer visited the Jimmie Hale Mission and met with several of the men in the program.  During her visit, she checked their teeth and gave them a quick assessment of their dental health.  She also chose a few of the men to visit her office at a later date for x-rays and cleaning.

         Ms. Davies will use the practice she gained working on the men at the Jimmie Hale Mission to help fulfill her requirements needed for school.

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    by Mission staff 
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