•      I was 8 months pregnant when the father of my children left me – left me to care for our unborn child and 11-month-old daughter.  I felt alone, depressed, confused and lost whenever I thought of our situation…me, with no help in caring for my daughter and another child on the way.

    Brenda's son, whom she was pregnant with when she came
    to Jessie's Place, is now a happy 4-month old.

         When I first came to Jessie's Place I was exhausted, especially in dealing with my little girl who was having a hard time adjusting to her new surroundings and to living in a shelter.  However, as a rule at Jessie’s Place, it is a requirement to attend church every Sunday and Bible studies every Tuesday – it was then that I realized that it was God’s word that my exhausted spirit needed.

         As I received my daily dose of Christ, I noticed that each time I found comfort, happiness and rest.  After six months, God and his Spirit became stronger and brighter inside me.  Although I was unwed and caring for two children, homeless and with no job, the teachers at Bible study told me they noticed peacefulness in me that had not been there before.  I knew it was Christ.

         After much praying, God blessed me with a full-time job that provided me with insurance and benefits to care for my family.  It was even conveniently located near a daycare.  He has also blessed me with the opportunity to move out of Jessie’s Place and into my own 2-bedroom apartment.

    Brenda and her daughter, Nicole

         I thank God every day.  I can do all things through Christ!!

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