•      As part of their celebration for Week of the Young Child, Samford University’s Children's Learning Center encouraged their kids to wear their favorite, crazy socks and to bring in a new pair of socks to donate to a child in need.

         Thanks to the outpouring of participation, the Learning Center was able to collect 115 pairs of socks to donate to homeless and hurting children in our area.  The donated socks will be delivered to Jessie's Place, the women and children’s shelter of the Jimmie Hale Missions ministries.

    (From left to right): Malyn Rolling, Trey Daly, and Ryan Vance

         “The children were so excited to bring in the socks they found and place them in our special box,” said Alayna Tippen, Director of Samford University’s Children’s Learning Center.  “This was something that really helped our children to see that others are in need and that they can help.”

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