• My 5-year-old granddaughter Sophie and I have this little game we play.  I'll ask, "Sophie, what time is it?"  She will respond by saying, "It's Poppy (that's me) time!"  By this we are agreeing that special attention (Sophie's) is given to Poppy.

                I believe our Heavenly Father asks the same question of us - "What time is it?"  Hopefully our response is, "It's God time!"  This means it is time to give God our special, undivided attention. 

                We can do this in several ways.  First, we need to discover God's will.  I heard a sermon several years ago that helped me in this area.  The speaker said there were five components that helped in discovering God's will: the Holy Spirit, Holy Bible, divine providence (God's leading through events/circumstances), wise counsel from God's people and God-given common sense.

                Second, get involved in God's work.  As it has been taught in Blackaby's Experiencing God series, see what God is doing and join Him.

                Third, we submit to God's way by allowing Him to lead and being sensitive to how he wants it done.  Over the years I've tried to do God's work my way instead of His way and I wasn't successful in accomplishing what He desired.

                We can also give special attention to God by being aware of the importance of His timing.  There is a saying, "God is never late in showing up or slow concerning His promises.  He is always on time." God's timing may not be our timing, but it's always the right time.  When responding to the question, "What time is it?" hopefully we can honestly say, "It's God time!"

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    by Tony Cooper, Executive Director 
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