•      The Birmingham-based printing and marketing company, Reflex Blu, has come up with a fun and unique way to help feed the hungry and homeless.
         For the fifth year in a row, several employees of Reflex Blu have loaded up the truck, hooked up the grill and showed up at the Jimmie Hale Mission to cook out for the homeless men.  John Dunn (pictured on left) and John Wolsoncroft (pictured right) manned the grill and oversaw the cooking of the steaks.  Reflex Blu owner, Chad Stubbs, came out a little later and presented a sermon to the men of the Mission during the evening chapel service.
         For those less-fortunate who are working to regain their lives, this was certainly a treat and a very appreciated effort by Reflex Blu to help those in their community.
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    by Bonnie Hendrix 
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