•      This past year, 2009, has been an interesting yet challenging year.  Economically, it has been difficult, and for some it has been demanding and trying.  In spite of this, I believe most of us can say that life is still good.  Yes, sometimes we have bad days and no, we're not exempt or excused from the problems and pressures of life.  However, at the end of the day, the good things should outnumber the bad things.

         With the New Year settling in and with the old year behind us, let me encourage you to do several things: review, reflect, regret, repent, rejoice and resolve.

         As you stroll down memory lane, take time to review, the events of the past.  As you remember, make sure you reflect on the outcome, evaluating the decisions made and the course taken.  In doing so, you will probably come up with three categories; things I regret (wish I had done differently), things I repent of (sorry for what I did) and things I rejoice about (celebrate the positive outcome).  This process will help us to make binding resolutions that we will be committed to.

         Let us plan now to live for God adn trust Him, to work hard, and do our part to ensure that 2010 is a positive, prosperous and productive year!

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    by Tony Cooper, Executive Director 
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