• Christmas

    Thanks to all of our wonderful supporters, the kids at Jessie’s Place will have a wonderful Christmas this year. There are plenty of presents under the tree – Barbie dolls, Little Pet Shop and stuffed animals for the girls; Transformers, race cars and Lego’s for the boys. Everyone will have a gift with their name on it waiting for them on Christmas morning.


        Tydarius visits with Santa           Alex helps decorate the Christmas tree         

    The moms at Jessie’s Place will also have gifts. They’ll be receiving robes, pajamas and makeup, but they’ll get another gift as well…the gift of knowing that their children will have a happy Christmas. They will not have to worry about their children – the moms know their kids will have a safe place to sleep, a hot meal and even a visit from Santa. Thank you for granting the Christmas wishes of children and moms who need it most. Merry Christmas from the women and children of Jessie’s Place!

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    by Bonnie Hendrix 
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