• Dec 14
    Thanks to all of the wonderful bloggers in the online world who use their medium to help spread the word about the Jimmie Hale Mission. Here is an excerpt from one such blog:                                                       

    I'll just jump right into this one.  Its Christmas!  It's shopping, presents, decorations, parties, children church dramas, food, friends, and family.   Seems like enough, right?  Its a little exhausting thinking about it all!  I posted a few weeks ago, about Advent Conspiracy - the revolution design to revamp Christmas into what it was designed to be - a season of love, worship, and giving.  I think the video deserves another blog viewing, don't you?

    As I continue to pray over how I can Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, and Love All, I've realized how easy it is to WANT to do something, to INTEND to give, to PLAN to show the love of Christ.  So in my research of ways to give, the Lord has laid it upon my heart to share specifics with each of you.  Whether you want to give of your time, your money, or your talents, I encourage you to pray about how you want to live and give this Christmas.  There are so many hurting and broken people all over the world that the Lord desperately wants to show His love through using your time, or your money, your talents, or just your bright loving smile.  Let the love of Christ resound through you this Christmas season.  Let His light shine brightly through you!

    Please know these are just ideas...starting points on the road to LOVING and GIVING.

    Did you know that every 6 seconds, a child dies of hunger? 
    Tonight, 1 BILLION people will go to bed hungry.
    If you are like me, and HATE DESPISE these numbers, the next [sic] link are for you!

    Jimmie Hale Mission
    This is specific to the Birmingham area. Since 1944, the Jimmie Hale Mission has been a shelter for the homeless, a rest stop for the weary, a feeding station for the hungry, and a sanctuary for the hurting.  For many, the Mission has not been their last stop but the first step toward a changed life.  
    Our purpose is to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of the poor and hurting in Jesus' name.
    Did you know......
    $1.95 provides one meal
    ~$20 provides 10!
    Or volunteer to SERVE the meal!  There are still many spots needing to be filled.
    AND if you don't live in Birmingham, I am sure there are homeless shelters in your community in need.

    There are SO SO many other ways to give.  Visit the elderly who have very few people in their lives to talk to, to visit with, to love on.  Plant some pansies (beautiful winter flowers) for the sick or someone who just had surgery and can't move around easily. Cook a hot meal for your next door neighbor who lost his wife this past year and is spending Christmas for the first time without her.  
    LIVE for Christ.  SHOW his love.  GIVE as He would.

    Posted by Dorothy at 5:50 PM                      


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