• Nov 16

    Thanks to all of the wonderful bloggers in the online world who use their medium to help spread the word about the Jimmie Hale Mission. Here is an excerpt from one such blog:    

    In case you might worry that I'll be out of practice on my thrifting by Spring, think again.  I still like to pop in a thriftstore every chance I get and this was one I had not been in before.  Mission: Possible Thriftstore over in the Irondale area, which benefits the Jimmie Hale Mission.   I scoured the plates and dishware and came up with this beautiful large white bowl for $1.09, with pretty scrollwork on the edges and of course it came home with me.

    Then, I spotted 4 of these ever-so-cute desserts plates, all sporting delicious winter drinks in the middle:  Hot Chocolate & Mulled Cider

    Cappuccini and Coffee

    Aren't they cute?  They aren't old or anything, but I just thought they were too adorable to pass up at 39 cents each.

    And my big splurge of the day?  Passing by the ladies clothes, this buttery yellow cotton sweater by J. Jill jumped out at me and for $4, looks to be in perfect condition. I love sweaters and it fits like a glove!

    Swinging by a yardsale on the way home from the gym last Saturday a.m. (even after 10:00), I snapped up this beautiful Made in Portugal white pierced bowl for only $2.  I saw it as I was walking up the driveway and had to keep myself from sprinting for it.

    Those of you who have started white dish collections, be patient and take your time.  They will come to you and you'll end up with more than you can imagine in just a short time.  You'll probably see this beauty in my Christmas decorating.

    So, see....I'm staying in practice!


    By: Rhoda as posted on www.southernhospitalityblog/com/still-thrifting/

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    by Rhoda 
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